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What Documents do I need for a Canadian Study Permit?

What Documents do I need for a Canadian Study Permit?
March 19th, 2022

Having a Study Permit will allow you to study for periods longer than 6 months in Canada.

The bureaucracy of the process is there to ensure that everything goes by the book, but that can get in your way during your application process.

In this article, you will find a list of documents required for your Study Permit, how to find them and also some special situations where extra documentation may be required. The information you see here was created in March 2022.

What is a Study Permit?

In Canada, one does not apply for a “student visa”. In fact, you will be granted a “Study Permit”. Basically, it is a document issued by the Canadian government that authorizes a foreigner to study in the country at a given institution.

A Study Permit is only required once your course period is longer than 6 months. A common Visitor's Visa is enough for the student to stay in the country, if the period is shorter than half a year. Study Permits are only given to students who have already been accepted by a school of their choice. In addition, the school must belong to a list of designated institutions. However, the best way to find out if your school is on this list is to talk to their customer service.

Why does organizing my documents matter?

The process of applying for a Study Permit can be a little complex. Because of this, you should invest in some organization regarding the documents you will need for your request.

The best thing you can do is to gather the documents in advance and keep them all together. A folder or a binder, for example, can help you stay organized. This way you will have easier access to the right documents when they are needed.

What documents are required for a Study Permit?

Basically, you need to have three different documents on hand when applying for a Study Permit. They are: Proof of Identity, Proof of Acceptance, and Proof of Financial Support.

1. Proof of Identity

Proof of identity is a document that proves that you are the person you claim to be. In general, a valid passport is the main proof of identity a person can have. If you already have a passport, you are good to go. If not, then you need to apply for a first-time passport at your local official bureau. In addition to the passport, you will also need two more identical photos in the standard passport format (5x7cm format or 1,97 x 2,76 inches). They will be used for identification in later documents.

2. Proof of Acceptance

Proof of Acceptance is a document that proves that you not only intend to study in Canada, but have already been accepted by an institution that is to be responsible for your study.

For obvious reasons, this document can only be issued by the school you have enrolled to. In addition to having this letter, proving your spot is secure during your study period, you must make sure the school is on the list of DLIs (Designated Learning Institutes). If your educational institution is no longer on the DLI list after your study permit is approved, there is no need to worry. The permission described in your proof of acceptance papers will remain valid for your entire study period.

3. Proof of Financial Support

Proof of Financial Support means the student is able to support themselves financially while in Canada, and may focus on their studies without depending on a job for the entire duration of their course. There are several documents that can be used as proof of financial support. The number one option would be a Canadian bank account in your name, once you have already transferred money to the country. Bank statements for the last 4 months, from your local bank, can also be an alternative. They work as proof of the necessary amount for your stay during your study period.

There are also other alternatives. The important thing is to provide enough evidence that your stay in Canada will be financially secure for your intended study period. You can even use proof of advance payment for housing and school fees for this. In order to calculate how much money you need in your bank account as proof that you can live in the country, just calculate the value of 833 Canadian dollars per month or 10 thousand Canadian dollars per year. After that, include the total tuition fee for your study period.

4. Official Study Permit Application Form

This document can be picked up at the Canadian consulate or printed online. It is simply a summary of your information, such as your home country address, family contacts and personal details. This form is used by the consulate to verify the veracity of your identity and where you intend to live.

5. Letter of Intent

A letter of intent is an essential document for the approval of your Study Permit. This is a letter that describes why you want to study in Canada and that you understand your responsibilities as a student.

6. Diplomas and School Records

While it is not always a requirement, it is a good idea to have your school records and copies of your diplomas available should they be requested. In general, this situation is more common when the student intends to attend a university.


Québec Student Permit Documents

If you intend to study in Québec, you need to follow a slightly different procedure than the one described above. The biggest difference is that your Study Permit will be issued by the Gouvernement du Québec (government of Québec).

Additional documents if the student is a minor

If the student who intends to study in Canada for more than 6 months is a minor and will be unaccompanied by parents, they will also have to bring a custody decree with them. This document, which must be notarized, declares another adult to be responsible for making decisions about that minor while in Canada.

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