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Which Jobs Are Best For Immigrating To Canada?

Which Jobs Are Best For Immigrating To Canada?
April 13th, 2022

A concern for many who wish to immigrate to Canada is whether there are enough opportunities in select professions that will make it possible to obta

After all, in many first world countries there is a shortage of labour in many fields. In this case, the answer is YES. There are some work fields that make it easier to get on the path for approval of work or permanent residency permits. In some cases, these are jobs with more opportunities and not enough interested candidates. In other cases, it is a matter of strategic planning for industries seen as essential for the future of Canada.

In this article, you will find a lot of information about these areas as well as the respective ways they can lead to permanent residency in Canada. In addition, we will help you choose the best direction for you. 

What are the most favored job fields?

There are several areas that can be considered as favored in the process of immigrating to Canada. First, there is a large supply of jobs in the health area. There is also a need for caregivers, whether they specialize in children, adults, or people with disabilities.

Another area with great demand is the area of ​​workers in food agriculture, especially those with some technical training.

Finally, there is a list of jobs that can use the Express Entry Program process as a gateway. Express Entry is a system that can offer permanent residency to people with work experience in managerial areas or in positions that require university or technical training.

Express Entry

Express Entry is like an umbrella system for some programs looking to offer permanent residency. These programs are focused on attracting foreigners who work in areas that are essential for the country's future.

Because of this, Express Entry only works with professionals who have experience with professions considered NOC 0, A or B. The NOC is a classification system for professions, explained in more detail below.

Skilled Worker Program

The Federal Skilled Worker Program is a comprehensive program that seeks to provide opportunities for people with NOC 0, A and B. This makes this program essentially the best path for anyone working in a management field or holding a profession that requires a college or university degree.

Among these positions, some examples include: restaurant manager, fishing vessel captain, doctor, dentist, architect, and engineer.

Skilled Trades Program

The Federal Skilled Trades Program is a program entirely focused on highly experienced technical-level professionals. Because of this, it only covers NOC B and requires more recent experience in the profession.

Some of the professions that fall under this program are: plumber, electrician and chef.

Discover your NOC

The acronym NOC stands for National Occupational Classification. This is a ranking system to separate levels of training that various professions require. The earlier the associated letter is in the alphabet, the less study / training is required  to do the work.

NOC 0 is used to group professions from managerial positions. From there, the training level begins. NOC A is used to group professions that require, in Canada, a four-year college or university degree, such as architects. NOC B includes jobs that require a technical course, such as electrician and plumber.

NOC 0 through NOC B professionals are those considered for Express Entry programs. However, there are other classifications.

NOC C covers professions that need some formal training in courses, but not at higher education level. Finally, the NOC C includes professions for which the person can be trained while performing the work, without any prior knowledge.

Agri-Food Professionals

One of the best fields for facilitating immigration of Canada of experienced professionals is food agriculture. In the Canadian government's view, this also means butcher jobs (industrial and commercial) as well as food processing workers.

Job opportunities in food agriculture also include professionals with experience working in harvesting and planting crops. Finally, it also covers livestock professionals in various sectors, but not including fish farming.

There is a limit on the number of annual openings distributed within the program, separated according to internal needs. Every year, the queue starts on the first day of the year and ends when spaces run out. Therefore, the ideal strategy is to prepare for candidacy in the next calendar year.

Healthcare Professionals

Another area with great demand in Canada is healthcare. However, the easiest pathway for the approval of permanent residency in this area is for professionals who, in some way, contributed to the fight against COVID-19 in Canada.

Therefore, this path is unlikely to work for professionals currently residing outside of Canada. Thus is you are a healthcare worker outside of Canada looking to immigrate to Canada, we recommend you follow the Express Entry program.

A good suggestion for healthcare professionals is to make their Express Entry profile and also to contact the government of a Canadian province. As healthcare professionals are in high demand, it is possible to get a provincial nominee, which makes it much easier to obtain permanent residency in the country.

Caregiver Professionals (Children, Elderly and Sick)

There is a great demand in Canada for personal care professionals. As this demand is covered by different programs and processes, it is important to learn the details of each of these programs. 

For those who intend to work as a caregiver for children, the path can start even without any experience in the area. To do that, however, you need to apply for a temporary work permit. After two years working with this permit in this field within Canada, you can progress through the program to apply for permanent residency. (Note, if you already have enough experience in this field, within Canada, you can already apply for this last step.)

The care program for professionals working with those in high need of medical attention is identical to the childcare program in the aspects explained above.

The Senior Caregiver Program is currently closed to new applications. This decision is due, in part, to COVID. However, you can keep an eye open on this program for an eventual reopening.

If you have questions, look for an immigration specialist, the Canadian government website, or contact the Canadian consulate to better understand what paths are possible for your profession.

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